Payments & Invoicing

Allow families to pay with their checking account or credit card, online and in person. Automatic invoicing keeps things simple too.

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Tools to help with daily tasks

Sproutary helps with tasks that take lots of time each day. Use an iPad and switch to tablet mode for checkins and checkouts. Sproutary is mobile ready, so useful tools are at your fingertips on your phone.

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Know your families and children

Easy enrollment of children and their families makes it easy to know your customers better and meet their needs. Track immunization, attendance, profiles, and more.

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Let Sproutary use algorithms to automatically help you determine things like who to accept from a waiting list based on classroom openings, or which kids should move to other classrooms based on their age.

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Save time.

Less paperwork and more convenience for you and the families you interact with.


Convenient and preferred ways for families to pay

Give parents an easy way to pay with their checking account or credit card online. Set your childcare or pre-school apart from the others by offering families this convenient way to pay. Also keep track of other forms of payment as well.

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Calculating the bill for families is automatic

Sproutary is flexible on how invoicing is done. Whether the child has a set tuition or usage based billing, Sproutary automatically calculates the bill and notifies families. Even track late pickup charges based on checkin and checkout times.

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Easy maintenance, invitations, and forecasting features

Sproutary makes it easy to add families to your waitlist, and it gives them a real-time view into where they stand in line. Add families and their children, or simply send them an invite and let them fill out the details. Forecast how many children you can accept from your waitlist based on classroom availability as kids graduate on to higher class levels over time.

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Track a child's vaccines and get alerts when new ones are due

Reporting makes it easy to see who is due for what CDC recommended immunizations, and our forms help keep that information up to date; a less time consuming task. Sproutary will even notify you and the family when a child is due for another vaccine.

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Place and plan kids in the right classrooms at the right time

Knowing what children belong in what classroom and moving them around over time is a hassle to plan manually. Sproutary automatically notifies you when kids are ready to move to the next classroom based on age. Forecast a classrooms capacity next month or next year.

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Even more

Features that make it easy to weave into your daily workflow


Intelligence for care centers

Get a clear understanding of your care center and make data driven decisions on things like earnings, number of overdue invoices, attendance trends, and more.


Don't miss things you should know about

Alerts, events, and actions you need to take are all sent to your notifications stream so that you don't miss a beat on what's happening.


Sproutary in the palm of your hand

We know you're on the run constantly and you can't always be sitting at a computer. That's why we built Sproutary with a mobile first approach. Everything you can do in Sproutary at your computer can be done from your phone or tablet.


We're here to help

git Contact us with any issues, feedback, or questions you may have. We respond quickly, fix any issues, and use the feedback to improve Sproutary overall.


  • $1 per child per month
  • Straightforward pricing. You get it all.

  • Payments, Invoicing, Taxes
  • Waitlist Management
  • Immunization tracking
  • Classroom management
  • Employee Time tracking
  • Forecasting algorithms
  • iPad checkin and checkout
  • Analytics and notifications
  • Payroll & Time clock
  • Mobile ready
  • No software to maintain or install
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Our Team

Sproutary is built and run by families who care about child care.

Eric and Jaclyn Helgeson

Eric is a software developer who builds and runs web applications. Jaclyn is an experienced software developer. They live with their 3 children on a farm in central Minnesota.

Dan and Libby Cundiff

Dan is software developer with 10 years experience at a Fortune 50 retailer. Libby is a kindergarten teacher. They live with their two boys in southern Indiana.

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