Classrooms Forecast

It's a lot of work determining which children move to which classrooms as they get older, or estimate which children you can pull from your waiting list to open spots in your classrooms. Sproutary helps you forecast classroom sizes in both scenarios. If you're a pre-school it can forecast by semesters, or you're a child care center it can forecast on a real-time basis. We can project which students go to which classrooms based on their age or which children get accepted from the waitlist if there is a classroom vacancy.


How do I use the forecasting feature?

At a minimum you'll need at least 1 Sprout added and 1 classroom added (although more than 1 is what you usually use to take advantage of this feature). At the top right is a field for entering in a date. Once you enter in a date, it projects which children will move to what classrooms based on their age, the age range of the classroom, and the future date that you entered.

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