Payments and Invoices

Sproutary allows you to manage all aspects of payments, online or good old fashioned check or cash. Care centers can setup automatic invoicing for families.

Setup Auto Invoicing that fits your needs - Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly

Never miss a payment

AutoPay allows families to setup their credit/debit or checking account to pay their tuition.

Invoicing options to fit everyone's needs

Create invoices Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly.

Tuition options to fit all families

Bill tuition every week, two weeks, month, or even daily drop ins.

Family Self-Service

Your families can login and check their invoices, print out history for taxes.

No two families are the same

Customize invoicing, tuition, payments and more per family.


How do I create a refund or credit?

Enter a negative amount in the amount field. Eg: -10.00

How do I accept online payments?

Sproutary first needs to verify your business details with our payment processor before you can start accepting payments online. Go to the settings page and click Verify Business.

How do I take credit card payments online?

Check "Allow families to pay with their Credit or Debit cards." Families will now be able to login and add their credit card details.

How do I take electronic check(ACH) payments?

Check "Allow families to pay with their Checking Account. (ACH/eCheck)." Families will now be able to login and add their bank details.

Is there a fee for accepting payments online?

Sproutary gives you the best rate possible from our payment processor and never adds a fee on top.

Credit Cards fees are 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

eCheck/ACH fees are 0.8% per transaction, maximum of $5.00.

Can I pass the fees on to families?

You can pass on none, half, or the whole processing fee to your families.

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